Master Internazionale di 2° livello in Medicina di Montagna

Il campo della medicina di montagna, ancor più di quello dell’emergenza, si presenta in Italia e non solo, ancora poco conosciuto e valorizzato. In un periodo in cui il turismo estivo ed invernale tende a riscoprire la montagna, sia per i cambiamenti climatici degli ultimi anni, sia nella ricerca dell’estremo e dell’avventura, diventa fondamentale valorizzare il fattore sicurezza nella prevenzione e nell’eventuale trattamento medico in incidenti durante l’escursionismo o la pratica alpinistica.

The second edition of the International Master Course in Mountain Medicine will start on May 2013 to end on June 2014. The first edition, just ended, has graduated 13 Italian Physicians, that have obtain a valid worldwide and a Master’s Degree University unique. We live in an era of great change, of major crisis, but also cultural and ethical when, tired of the daily depressed, you aspire to a different world, cleaner, capable of giving emotions, to involve us and to let us to find the most sense deep on everyday life. There is a new discovery of mountain, of the pure alpine environment, sometimes close to home, and often overlooked as they were moved to distant destinations, famous and sponsored. The revival of the attendance of the mountain, already evident in recent years and become even more important in recent months, has been joined in search of the wilderness, the top as self-affirmation, exploration in search of thin air, and also the extreme sports performance as only the alpine environment can offer. However, this approach to the mountain is then often scarcely conscious, shallow and heedless of their physical condition and without any form of culture and preparation on self protection and safety.
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The next edition of the Master Course in Mountain Medicine, of the Master Course in Mountain Emergency Medicine and of new Master in Mountain Expedition Medicine will start on February 13, 2017. The call for registration will be available on the website of the University of Insubria from the end of October 2016. For clarification and first draft of the programs and schedules write to: luigi.festi[at]

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